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An effective oral health care plan depends on treating and preventing bad breath whenever possible. Bad breath often arises due to oral health ailments associated with poor dental health and improper cleaning habits. However, bad breath can often be linked to an underlying ailment within your body as well. If bad breath is present, it must be treated properly.

Numerous risk factors are linked to bad breath. It could be due to your poor oral hygiene habits, the foods you’re eating, underlying oral health issues, issues associated with problems deep within your body, and even unhealthy habits you are involved in. In order to keep your smile safe for the risks of bad breath, you should always be brushing and flossing every day and using alternative cleaning tools such as mouthwash and chewing sugarless gum, as additional saliva flow can help lower your risk of bad breath. In addition, unhealthy habits such as smoking and chewing tobacco can lead to bad breath. For additional help diagnosing and treating bad breath, visit your dentist for routine checkups.

For the aid of a dentist in Dallas, Texas, we can be reached at 214-613-1355. Whichever bad breath services are needed to complete your smile, Dr. Katie Lippas and our team here at Walnut Glen Family Dental in our dentist office are committed to providing you the treatments you need.