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If you are getting your first set of dentures, you should not be surprised if they feel a little bulky or even uncomfortable until you get used to them. Your mouth may produce excess saliva for a while, but that is normal and will stop in time. In many cases after you have worn your dentures for a few weeks, your dentist may have you come in so that she can line them. That will not only give a you a better fit, but will also make your dentures more comfortable. Although your new dentures may feel a little awkward at first, if you feel persistent pain or pressure, you should see your dentist about having them adjusted.

If you have been living with missing teeth for some time, you may have to re-learn how to do some things. Eating with your new dentures may prove to be a challenge at first. There are two things that you can do to make eating a little easier. First, try cutting your food into smaller pieces. Or you might try cutting your food into long strips and chewing it on both sides of your mouth. You may find that some words are more difficult to pronounce. Your dentures may slip when you say certain words, which will take a little time to overcome. If you are finding a word to be particularly difficult, you may want to practice speaking it. It may also help to speak more slowly until you become accustomed to your dentures.

Your dentures are not your natural teeth, but that does not mean that you can forget about taking care of them. Food debris and bacteria can build up on your dentures, which can cause bad breath. Your dentures need to be cleaned every night in warm water, using hand soap, dish soap or a denture cleaner. Scrub them very gently using a soft bristled toothbrush or a denture brush. Place them in a denture soaking solution when you go to bed at night or take them out for an extended period of time. Your dentures need to be kept moist so that they don’t lose their shape. You will need to brush your gums to remove any bacteria and to stimulate the flow of blood. Additionally, you need to continue to see your dentist for your regular checkups to make certain that your dentures are still fitting you correctly.

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