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If you are routinely suffering from issues such as tooth decay or dental erosion, more than likely it is linked to your diet. Your diet can easily damage your tooth enamel because of harmful substances that you may be consuming that can easily be transformed into acids within your mouth. To help keep your smile safe, inspect and eliminate various products from your diet that can be damaging your teeth and gums.

One of the biggest risks to your teeth and gums occurs due to sugar. This is because sugars are not only detrimental to your waistline, they are also harmful to your gum line. When plaque buildup is present in your mouth, bacteria can transform sugars into harmful acids which will chew through your tooth enamel. This includes products such as gummy candy, sports drinks, fruit juice and other sugary sweets and treats.

Another extremely common tooth hazard risk factor associated with products you consume comes not from the products themselves, but rather the packaging they come in. If products contain bottle caps or are wrapped in plastic, never use your teeth open them. Individuals who use their teeth to open products can easily suffer chipped and cracked teeth or lacerated gums. Teeth are only ever to be used for chewing food.

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