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An integral part of your oral health care is making sure that you have treatments and prevention plans in place to ensure that if any issues arise, you will have a way to combat it or minimize the risks involved. Your mouth consists of more than just keeping your smile safe, as it’s also adapting to any issues that may arise. This includes fixing concerns with your diet, your cleaning abilities and your overall risks in life.

Optimum oral health care includes making sure that beyond brushing and flossing, you are using products that are safe and effective for your teeth. To determine which products are safe for your oral health care, speak with your dentist to learn about product recommendations and suggestions. For an additional layer of protection, always use safe teeth whitening products as some over-the-counter products have been shown to bleach your gums and damage your tooth enamel. Instead, consider a professional in-office whitening which can help improve the color of your smile by up to 10 shades with safe ingredients that will not cause damage to your smile.

For additional help with your oral health care, try using oral appliances or other types of safety equipment to keep your smile safe and prevent oral accidents or injuries from damaging your teeth and gums. With the use of a face mask or a mouth guard during heavy risk activities including playing sports, you can drastically lower your risk of suffering a severe oral accident that can leave you with several teeth knocked out and damage that potentially takes years to repair.

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