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While you might be able to ignore the discomfort caused by a small untreated cavity, the lingering tooth decay can lead to severe dental health problems. In time the natural bacteria living in your mouth can gain access to the sensitive core of the compromised tooth. This can lead to a gradually worsening toothache as well as other oral health complications.

A feeling of pain or pressure in the gums near a tooth with an untreated cavity can be especially disconcerting. This is often a sign that a dangerous dental abscess has developed in the underlying periodontal tissues. Without timely professional treatment from our dentist, Dr. Katie Lippas the bacteria could spread to your bloodstream. This could quickly lead to severe medical complications. If the infection is caught in a reasonable amount of time, Dr. Katie Lippas and his staff might be able to treat the decayed tooth by performing a root canal. This treatment process may involve draining the fluid from a dental abscess. Follow-up care might also include a course of prescription antibiotics and pain medication to address any lingering infection concerns and allow your mouth to heal comfortably. If necessary, a dental crown will be created in a state-of-the-art dental lab. It will then be cemented onto the treated tooth to restore the natural look and function.

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